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Naoyuri Wakayagi

1986: Born the eldest daughter to classical Japanese dancer, Yujiro Mizuki, in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
1988: Began studying dance under Yujiro Mizuki.
1989: First performed on stage at the age of 2 years and 9 months, the traditional Japanese nursery rhyme “Ehigasa” (Decorated Umbrella).
1990: Joined Reiko Kazutaro Creative Dance Institute to study modern dance, aged 4.
2000: Studied Western-style dance, such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Tap at dance studio “Mind” in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
2002: Started studying under Masato Wakayanagi, a member of the classical Japanese dance school, Wakayagi Institute.
2005: Qualified as an Accredited Master at Wakayagi Institute.
2010: Qualified as a Grand Master at Wakayagi Institute.
2010: Established Yunokai classical Japanese dance institute.
Since 2010, Naoyuri continues to teach classical Japanese dance to students aged from 2 years old to senior citizens.
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Naoyuri’s activities include performing, teaching dances, and creating original dances to variety of musical styles: modern music, classical music, J-pop, as well as creating Classical Japanese Dance.
With her balance of physical strength and sense of grace, Naoyuki’s classical Japanese and creative dance performances are characterized by her expert control over stillness and motion.

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Photos & Videos

Kabuki and original dance works.

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Performance Requests & Lessons

Dance performances and themes can be tailored to your requests, for performances both in Japan and globally. Group dance requests as well as solo performances by Naoyuri are welcome.
Please send an inquiry with any proposals and requests.
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Classical Japanese dance in her heart
Naoyuri’s major dance influences came from her father , a classical Japanese dancer, Yujiro Mizumiki, whom she first studied under when she was just 2 years old; and from Naosato Wakayagi, whom she studied under from 2002. The Wakayagi Institute was established by Judo Wakayagi, in the Yanagibashi area of Tokyo and karyu-kai (Geisha district) areas. The style emphasises delicate posture and overall elegance.Although passionate about classical Japanese dance, Naoyuri has diversified her studies to also include many Western dance styles, such a Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Tap.She is in constant pursuit of a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and classical Japanese dance, and wishes to share the experience of all styles from Edo to modern dance with a local and global stage.
naoyuri's activities
舞踊の会 公演
関東舞踊協会 舞踊の会 創立15周年の公演が 浅草公会堂にて行われました。
ロサンゼルス ハリウッドブルバード・チャイニーズシアター前にてパフォーマンス
月島社会教育会館 第9回雄の会 主催
国立劇場大劇場 正派若柳流 定期公演 出演
壱岐文化ホール 葉月流宗家・家元襲名披露 寿多郎会出演
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